Comic book preview – Justice League Infinity # 1


DC Comics returns to DC Animated Universe next Tuesday when publisher releases brand new series Justice League Infinity; see a preview of the first issue here …

Justice League-Infinity-1-1-600x923

Justice League-Infinity-1-2-600x923



Justice League-Infinity-1-5-600x923

Justice League Unlimited producer James Tucker and serial author JM DeMatteis are coming from a whole new season starring the world’s greatest heroes! There is a being who wanders the universe in search of its true purpose, but what it finds out from the farthest edges of the cosmos will change not only our universe but many! Meanwhile, the war of the throne of the Apocalypse arrives on Earth, and the real ruler is decided in only one way: who can destroy the Justice League?

Justice League Infinity # 1 goes on sale on July 6th.

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