Comic Preview – DC Horror The Conjuring: The Lover # 1


DC Comics launches new DC Horror next Tuesday with brand new series setting The conquering universe deserved Winning: lover, and we have an official preview of the first issue for you here …


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The Conjuring: The Devil’s horrific debut of Made Me Do It content begins here, with a story that bursts into the seams with clues from the new film.

Meet Jessica. Jessica just returned to her first school year after the winter break, bringing with her the anxiety of last semester’s poor grades, the inconvenience of facing a boy hoping she would never have slept, and the undeniably annoying feeling of being watched.

He soon realizes that something evil made him his goal, and it doesn’t rest until he has got him on an unholy occasion. But why was this grim presence directed at a seemingly normal university freshman? Read this nerve-wracking story that Conjuring screenwriters David L. Johnson-McGoldrick and Rex Ogle have creepily portrayed with Garry Brown’s heart-stopping art and Bill Sienkiewicz’s cold-causing covers.

The Conjuring: The Lover # 1 goes on sale on June 1st.

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