Comic Preview – Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Universe Collection


IDW Publishing publishes the trade stapled Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Mirror Universe Collection this Wednesday by collecting The mirror is broken, Through the mirrorand Terra Incognita stories into one collection; check out the official preview here …









Go to the mirror universe to meet the cold-blooded crew of ISS Enterprise-D and their captain, the ruthless Jean-Luc Picard in this collection of three graphic novels!

Space … The last frontier. These are ISS Enterprise-D trips. Its constant mission: to conquer new strange worlds, enslave new life and new civilizations … to go boldly to where no one has been yet! The other dimensions in the mirror universe are not the United Planetary Federations, only the cruel Terran Empire, where advancement takes place through murder, cruelty is universal, and kindness is a weakness.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Universe collection will be released on Wednesday, June 9th.

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