Confirmed Twitter accounts, including Firstpost, which has been hacked to mimic SNL, offer free cryptocurrency- Technology News, Firstpost


Several verified Twitter accounts were hacked around the world on Saturday and Sunday when Elon Musk shared a link to “watch Saturday Night Live outside the United States.” FirstpostThe Twitter account was one of the hacked.

Musk had hosted the program on Saturday.

Firstpost On Sunday, he contacted Twitter to report hacking and to request account recovery. However, access to the account was later restored. Twitter has not yet responded Firstpostcommunication.

The hacked accounts changed their name to SNL and changed their profile picture to match the picture on the official Saturday Night Live account. Like stated Gizmodo, these modified accounts responded to Musk ‘s tweets and prompted users to “join” the virtual event by clicking on the link to get 5,000 bitcoins, valued at just over $ 295 million at the time.

The site quoted a Twitter spokesman as saying the company is investigating the matter.

Other hacked accounts included accounts by Rio de Janeiro Governor Luiz Fernando Pezão and the NYC clothing brand and Norwegian music group, such as Sputnik news.



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