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Editors’ opinion: Connect car insurance is worth looking into if you are a Costco member as it offers “exclusive” discounts to Costco members. In addition, you will receive additional benefits if you have already started a Costco Executive membership. But Connect doesn’t offer insurance in all states, and its customer complaint record isn’t good.

Combine car insurance at a glance

Availability Most U.S. states and Washington, DC
JD Power’s customer satisfaction ratings Slightly lower than average
Number of complaints in 2020 Much higher than usual for insurance companies of its size in the market
How to Get an Insurance Quote Online, by phone, or through a representative
How to make a claim Online or by phone


  • Extra discounts and benefits for Costco members
  • Good selection of discounts for all customers


  • Not available in all states
  • Large number of complaints and slightly below average customer satisfaction rating in the parent company
  • Charges a convenience fee for monthly fees

What you need to know about Connect car insurance

Connect Car Insurance, formerly known as Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance, is a subsidiary of American Family Insurance. Connect is known for selling its car insurance in partnership with discount warehouse giant Costco Wholesale and offers exclusive discounts and benefits to Costco members.

Special benefits for Costco members

Costco members who use Connect car insurance can be granted exclusive rights and discounts.

  • Road service – A flat tire? Connect’s road service is for Costco Executive members only and covers up to $ 75 per event. Note that this benefit does not cover the cost of the car battery or liquids such as gas or oil.
  • Lifelong renewable – Lifetime renewable benefits allow Costco Executive members to renew their car insurance as long as they remain members, although some exceptions apply. This benefit is not available in Maryland or Michigan and in certain other circumstances.
  • Exclusive discount – Most Costco members automatically receive a discount on their Connect car insurance.

Customers should know that most of the benefits mentioned above are only for individuals with a Costco Executive membership, which is up to $ 120 per year. If you have a regular Costco membership that costs $ 60 a year, you are eligible for a Costco membership discount in most states.

High complaints and poor customer satisfaction

According to the National Insurance Commissioners Association, Connect received three times as many complaints as the average for insurance companies of its size in 2020. In addition, in the 2020 JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey, Connect’s parent company, American Family, ranked slightly below the industry average.

Keep this in mind if these factors are important to you when buying car insurance.

Policies and benefits are not available in all states

Connect car insurance is not available in Alaska, Louisiana, Maine, North Dakota, Rhode Island or Wyoming.

Connect provides automatic coverage

Connect’s auto insurance offering is fairly standard. But there are some distinctive features like a stolen key and accident travel expenses.

  • Stolen key: Connect covers the cost of replacing the locks, up to $ 250 if your car keys are lost or stolen.
  • Coverage of accident travel expenses: If an accident more than 100 miles from home leaves you without a car, Connect will help you pay for travel or hotel accommodation.
  • Replacing a new car: If you assemble a new car within the first year or the first 15,000 miles, Connect will replace your vehicle with the same make and model (up to 110% MSRP).
  • Non-deductible windscreen repair: If you get cracks in your windshield and repair it instead of replacing it, Connect will give up your deductible.
  • Other automatic overlay settings: Connect also offers collision protection, rental car insurance, personal injury insurance, property damage insurance, uninsured and underinsured motorists, medical expenses and PIP insurance and gap insurance.

Car insurance discounts offered by Connect

Connect car insurance offers a relatively wide range of discounts. And Costco members also get an exclusive discount on membership only.

  • Premier Safety Discount: This discount applies to insurance where all insured drivers have clean driving data for four years.
  • Good driver discount: This car insurance discount is only available to California drivers.
  • Defensive driver discount: You may receive a discount for completing a defensive driving course, either in person or online.
  • License discount: Connect rewards you for meeting certain time-related benchmarks by charging a lower price than a new customer looking for the same policy.
  • Vehicle safety features: Connect offers discounts on features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices.
  • Car storage discount: Connect can offer you a discount on overnight parking for your vehicle in the garage.
  • Good student discount and education discount: Connect offers car insurance discounts to students with good grades or who complete at least four years of post-secondary education.
  • Multi-car and multi-product discounts: You can get a lower price by insuring more than one vehicle with Connect or by bundling multiple insurances such as car insurance, home insurance, umbrella or special insurance.

General Question: What car insurance does Costco use?

Connect Car Insurance, a subsidiary of American Family Insurance, has been providing Costco members with car insurance on an exclusive basis with discounts and benefits for nearly 20 years.

Not sure if Connect car insurance is right for you? Consider these options.

  • Hartford: This insurance company can be good for customers looking for greater customer satisfaction.
  • Nationwide: Car insurance customers who want usage-based discounts may want to consider this insurance company.

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