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Twitter has made a significant contribution to the public debate over the past year, especially during the second wave of COVID-19. In April-May this year, the social media giant became India’s real-time counseling service for people seeking medical help, while many others volunteered to help by sharing relevant and life-saving information about the resources available on the platform. COVID-19-related Tweets grew strongly between April 1 and May 31 of this year, showing a 100 percent increase in COVID-related discussions compared to February and March.

The platform introduced several features and initiatives as part of the COVID-19 debate in India. Some of Twitter’s dedicated COVID-19 centers included the Explore page, several Twitter event pages, media and civil society sources in local languages, the SOS page, and related topics.

The # Vaccine and # Vaccination Tweets grew 246 percent during the second wave.  Photo: Photo Mix via Pixabay

The # Vaccine and # Vaccination Tweets grew 246 percent during the second wave. Photo: Photo Mix via Pixabay

Analyzing its April and May growth path, Twitter has categorized the conversations into four broad categories. Look:

– The first category is medical assistance, where the exchange of tweets between applicants and volunteers increased 1.5 times. Tweets about seeking or providing medical care increased 1955 percent (20x). #Covid19 usage increased 77 percent during the second wave, #Blood tweeted 72 percent more compared to the February-March period, #Plasma grew 834 percent, and #SOS tweeted 152 percent more than according to a recent analysis.

The # Vaccine and # Vaccination Tweets grew 246 percent. To support this discussion, the platform introduced a home schedule that provided vaccine-related updates and information from prestigious sources.

– Data sharing is another category where hashtags such as #CoronavirusUpdates, #CoronaIndiaUpdate, # Covid19IndiaResources increased conversations by 916 percent, among others. Given that the service is used by a variety of expert organizations, government agencies, health professionals and epidemiologists, people relied on it to find accurate information on COVID-19 best practices, the latest developments, vaccination times and other relevant information.

– The third category is fundraising. Tweets in this category were related to people who came to participate in relief efforts and fundraising, leading to a 731 percent increase in conversations. Australian cricket Pat Cummins ’(@ patcummins30) tweet announcing financial support for India became one of the platform’s most popular and retweeted posts in April-May.

– Finally, the fourth category is mental health, which has remained paramount during a pandemic. It recorded a 153 percent (2.5x) increase during the rise in coronavirus cases. People tweeted with hashtags like #DoctorsMentalHealth, #CovidCounselling, #CovidDepression, #CovidInsomnia and more.

Tweets also increased 530 percent with #IndiaFightsCorona among local and state-related conversations. #DelhiFightsCorona and #MaharashtraFightsCorona Tweets increased significantly as conversations rose to 1872 and 2377 percent, respectively.


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