Crazy crazy Max Rip-off that’s worth your time


The marvelous videos show ten Mad Max pendants that really take time …

Like so many science fiction films of the 70s and 80s, Crazy Max influenced the audience of the film. There was something about the lone police turning into a people-appealing guardian of justice, especially against that stunning desert backdrop and dystopian themes.

Unfortunately, so many of those hunted 70s and 80s films are missing, Crazy Max was too influential for his own benefit. Many producers and filmmakers tried to emulate what George Miller and Mel Gibson had done, only they lost the appeal that led to corporate products that were often so bad that they actually ended up humorously good.

As such, our Marvelous Videos friends have put together a list of the ten craziest Crazy Max rip-offs that are really worth your time Hell is coming to Frogtown (1988), Steel Dawn (1987), 2019: After the fall of New York (1983), Deadlock station In (1986), Equalizer 2000 (1987), 1990: Bronx Warriors (1982), Destruction times of the year 3000 (1983), Warrior Phoenix alias He-Wolves wolves (1983), Metalstorm: The destruction of Jared-Syn (1983) and Steel border (1995); watch the video here …

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What are you favorite Crazy Max rip-off? Are there other worthwhile places on the list? Tell us @ FlickeringMyth …

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