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Customized LED display (Light Emitting Diode) TVs have highly customizable backlighting and local dimming capabilities. Local dimming means the lighting to the side or directly behind the LED screen can be individually adjusted for more contrast and deeper dark tones.

Thanks to their mechanical prowess, slimmer LED TVs now feature Edge-Lit technology. Instead of the traditional backlight, like many LCDs of the time, modern LEDs illuminate all four sides of the device to allow for finer construction without sacrificing the more realistic contrast available through LED’s features such as local dimming.

Get an LED TV

If you intend to use your customized LED display TV outdoors or in a relatively bright environment, you should consider factors such as the thickness of the LED glass frame and the effect of ambient brightness on the viewing angle.

If your LED has a thick and well-constructed glass panel, you may experience less broken viewing angles or reflections on the road. Some hardware upgrades can be made to reduce glare on your customized LED display TV, but these technologies do so primarily at the cost of a weaker viewing angle and more consistent picture depth.

LED TVs really make a lot of sense when it comes to vision issues. Some users report a sharp drop in contrast and jet black LEDs are known when the viewing angle is twenty degrees or more at the center.

This is something to keep in mind if you are placing your LED outdoors and viewers are likely to see the LED screen from a greater variety of angles.

Prices and sizes of LED TVs

Customized LED display TVs typically start at around 32 inches and go up to 72 inches wide. An LCD TV with LED backlighting is significantly cheaper if the LED is illuminated from the sides and is therefore thinner. This is paradoxical, as most consumers associate finesse with higher cost. The fact is that if the LED TV is actually backlit instead of at the edges, then there are more customization options in terms of local dimming, dark tones and high contrast.

All weather LED housing

You can creatively enhance local dimming and contrast to counteract the light you encounter when placing your customized LED display TV outdoors. However, issues like humidity and cold can still cause problems unless you install an all-weather LED enclosure around your TV to protect it from the elements.

All-weather LED packages are generally available in a variety of styles. A sturdy, low-profile arm will probably give your new LED the sleekest look, but it means you keep your customized LED display in one place. If you want to install an outdoor LED near a swimming pool, BBQ area or patio, a stable, unobtrusive stand can be made.

There are also handbags that feature LED screens to protect your device from elements so you can use your LED for outdoor events and family gatherings. The protective cover and outdoor stand are a great way to add skills to your LED set without breaking the bank a second time. As you may know, LED TVs are less expensive than LCD TVs or plasma TVs.

Any weather case can prevent your customized LED display TV from being damaged by moisture or cold. This will help save your investment and add more usability to your LED at a very affordable price. All-sky buildings can be adjusted directly to the sizes of your LED.

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