Dark Night of the Soul for Twin Flames


As you progress on your spiritual journey, you will encounter multiple obstacles on your way. And if he goes on a twin flame journey, he will meet the Dark Night of the soul. You may also know this as the dark night, but the term is not used very often. (I will use both terms interchangeably).

During this time, your world will be thrown into chaos. There will be a lot of transformation here. While the prospect may seem scary, it is in fact a wonderful part of the soul’s ascension and achieving union with your twin sister. There is nothing to fear about change, and it can be a wonderful thing. I want to clear up any concerns you may have about this part of your spiritual journey and help you see how the Dark Night of the Soul, twin flames, and spiritual growth are connected.

The Dark Night of the Soul is a difficult and turbulent time of spiritual development. This is reflected by her twin sister, it can happen multiple times and is rarely an easy experience, but it can go a long way on your path to union.

What is The Dark Night of The Soul Twin Flame?

Many people fear the Dark Night of the Soul because it causes great upheavals in your life and it is the most difficult moments in life. If you’re wondering why anyone would want to go through one, it’s easy.

It is about spiritual growth and getting rid of the ego. We are going through this change so that our souls can develop more and we can awaken our souls. We also go through these moments of healing. I will mention later what this has to do with twin flames, but in short, in a spiritual relationship your goal is to evolve.

This period of time will help you make it through to successfully bond with your twin sister. I like to see the Dark Night as in the eye of the storm. These terrible things happen to us and around us, but our soul is the center of everything, perfectly safe. And once the storm clears, we can watch the world rebuild and rebound to something stronger than ever.

How is The Dark Night of The Soul and Twin Flames Related?

Like the Dark Night of the Soul, union with your twin flame is all about spiritual growth and ascension. Know that when you go through the Dark Night of the Soul, so does your twin sister.

Remember that both of you are a reflection of each other when you go through a great transformation, and so are they. So if this seems to come out of nowhere, your twin flame may have caused it. This does not mean that you can sit back and do nothing. You are still responsible for the growth of your soul, but we will talk more about that later.

The closer you get to bonding with your twin brother, the more both souls need to grow. This is because being attached to your twins is part of your soul’s purpose on this Earth and by their very nature twins are very stimulating. Between them, and if he’s not ready for that connection, he will activate one of the twins’ “fight or flight” responses.

How Will The Dark Night of the Soul Effect Union?

As I briefly mentioned, in order to successfully join your twin flame, you must go through the Dark Night of the Soul. Each person’s journey is a little different, so I can’t tell you how often you will go through this, but keep in mind that it can happen more than once.

As you progress through the Dark Night of the Soul, no matter how many you have, more of his ego will collapse and he will grow closer to his true divine self. This may take several lifetimes, but in the end you will live true to your divine purpose. Once this happens, you will finally be able to achieve union with your twin flame.

If they meet before going through the Dark Night and they fully evolve, which can happen, they will both unleash each other. This will most likely take you through a spiritual awakening through the Dark Night of the Soul. As a 1122 angel number twin flame going through the Dark Night of the Soul, you should see this as a positive step towards unity and an achievement to be proud of.

What Can You Do About It?

This is a lot of information to take in, but being informed does not facilitate the Dark Night of the soul, so what should you do during this transformation? As I mentioned earlier, twin flames is not about one twin doing all the work.

This connection must be a joint effort. It would be best if you took this time to begin to heal and that your twins can do the same. Don’t resist the process and allow yourself to understand and deeply feel her emotions. Be honest with yourself and take responsibility for how you can improve and improve.

Keep in mind that this will not happen overnight, and if you want to improve yourself and join your 1221 angel number twin flame, you must trust the process and allow the Dark Night of the Soul to kill your ego.

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