Dave Bautista meets DC and sets himself up as Bane

Dave Bautista has made no secret of his desire to take on the role Batman with the villain Bane Guardians of the Galaxy the star revealed several times that he had previously brought the same idea to Warner Bros. and DC Films without success.


Talking THR during the promotional rounds of his new film Army of the Dead, Bautista has now provided some details of what happened during his meeting with the studio:

“I had a meeting with DC in Warner Bros. It was kind of a general assembly of what their slate was, and I said, ‘I want to know what’s going on with Bane and if you have any plans for Bane.’ I want to play Banea. I think I would do the character justice. I think people want to see Bane and I think it’s a really interesting character. I would like to reflect the character differently. ‘And they said,‘ We have no plans for that. And I was like, ‘Ah, okay.’ So I was mentioned in a couple of other parts, but they were shot down, not myself, for one reason or another. And then life progresses. “


At the same time in the interview Collision, Bautista then went on to discuss his thoughts on the nature of Bane and what he believes he would bring to the role:

“I don’t despise Tom Hardy’s Bane version, I love the show, I loved that movie. I just love the cracks in it. I think I can bring an interesting twist to it and I think I can do justice to the character. Not just in performance, but also in physicality. up to 320 pounds to play just this character as if it were so that I could play Bane in a way that is not only threatening and ominous but also freak intelligent.Bane would be the type of character so threatening and so awful and smart that he would hardly ever lift voice.


“[Bane] would be not only physically superior, but also mentally superior. I love the idea of ​​challenging to play this character. I like it when you can play raw, which is not your predictable raw. Every big muscular guy can play a guy who screams, growls and screams. But if you’re playing a guy who’s not only physically threatening, but also soft and even more awful when he talks to you with a soft smile on his face, then that’s a villain. “

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At this point, it seems unlikely that Bautista would want to play Bane, but let us know on our social channels @FlickeringMyth if you want to see a former WWE superstar take Bat-breaker man…


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