David Tennant joins Terry Pratchett’s Discworld arrangement The Amazing Maurice


David Tennant (Dr. Who) has joined the actors of the animated Terry Pratchett The world of records readjustment Amazing Maurice from Sky Cinema. The film also features Ariyon Bakare (His dark material), Rob Brydon (Travel), Julie Atherton and Joe Sugg.


Based on the late 2011 Terry Pratchett Discworld novel Amazing Maurice and his trained rodents.

Tennant and other recently joined Actors co-star with Emilia Clarke (The throne game), Hugh Laurie (House), Gemma Arterton (Vita and Virginia), David Thewlis (Wonderful), Himesh Patel (Yesterday) and Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey).

Amazing Maurice was was first announced last year German production suit Ulysses Filmproduktion (Luis and the aliens), which now includes Sky, Cantilever Media and animation companies Studio Rakete and Red Star Animation, as well as Pratchett’s Narrativia product suit. Toby Genkel (Two at a time: overboard!) and Florian Westermann (Little Dodo) direct the film.


Amazing Maurice will be published for some time in 2022.

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