Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is not a director’s cut, says director Hideo Kojima


Death Stranding: Director’s surgery Is coming to PS5 on September 24th – but don’t call it director’s surgery, according to director Hideo Kojima (noticed Eurogamer).

“The director’s cut in the film is an additional edit to an abridged version that was either reluctantly released because the director had no right to edit it or because the running time had to be shortened.” Kojima explained on Twitter this morning. “The game didn’t include what was cut, but what was produced in addition. Delektorin [sic] Plus? So I don’t think I want to call “instructor surgery”. “

Based on Kojima’s tweets, it looks like new content is coming Death Stranding: Director’s surgery there are no tasks or mechanics that had to be cut due to time or budget. Kojima’s game director vision hasn’t just been restored; The PS5 version is just getting new elements created specifically for this re-release.

It’s a misunderstanding of the idea of ​​executive surgery that Sony has already begun to rely on with the recently announced Ghost of Tsushima Director’s surgery, which adds a new island to explore with the story’s content, characters, armor, and enemies; The long-awaited correction for proper lip sync for the game’s Japanese voice; and DualSense-specific features such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. They’re great additions, but no one at Sony or Sucker Punch seems to claim to be a part of them Ghost of Tsushiman directors Nate Fox and Jason Connell’s original restored vision. (Neither Fox nor Connell are even mentioned in the notice.)

Rather, it appears that Sony is using the text “director’s cut” as an all-encompassing phrase for an expanded version of the game, which it will re-release for next-generation consoles with the addition of DLC. It’s the kind of title that gives the re-release an artistic high-level veneer that the “extended edition” or “game of the year” doesn’t. Charging an extra $ 10 or $ 30 for the PS5 version of the item with a few small upgrades is a difficult sale. But by charging this price to play Kojima’s unadulterated vision Death withered is presumably easier to sell, even if the reality just isn’t.

Of course, the controversial director cuts are nothing new: consider sad Blade Runner: Director’s cut, which was based on a working print version of the film, but was not actually produced by director Ridley Scott. (In 2007, Scott was able to produce a version of the film with complete artistic control, known as Blade Runner: The Last Cut.)

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