Dejah Thoris vs. Mars Carter will launch in July


One of the oldest and most iconic couples in style literature is set to unite in July when Dynamite Entertainment launches a new series Dejah Thoris vs. Mars Carter author Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy) and artist Alessandro Miracolo (Red Sonja).


Barsoom has been in crisis, caused by strange weather conditions apparently signifying the coming ice age. The corresponding turbulence has grown as a conflict between many tribes and peoples on the planet. John Carter’s country-born hero was missing. With the help of Dejah Thoris and his allies, stability has been achieved (so far) and John has been found, with only true enemies at the heart of this new story.

The long-born, ancient “space gods” of immense and mysterious power wildly transcend the citizens of Barsoom. They may even be the lifelong original architects of the solar system, shaping the image of the red planet. To return to their creations to wipe the slate clean and start over, it is the responsibility of Dejah, John and their allies to take on the biggest threat so far.

“Has John Carter returned, or is he still a legendary hero they all respect?” Said author Dan Abnett. “And are he and his beloved Dejah still working with the same goals? It’s a story about swords, witchcraft, space gods and true love, interplanetary romance in the true sense of both of these words. “

“This is a big responsibility,” said artist Alessandro Miracolo. “These characters have been portrayed in the past by great artists like Frank Frazzeta, Boris Vallejo and my friend Pasquale Qualano. But more than anyone else, I was able to restore some of my father’s drawings as he enjoyed painting old stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs. See you soon in Barsoom, people! “

In addition to the Lucio Parrillo cover above Dejah Thoris vs. Mars John Carter # 1 is available with variations by Joseph Michael Linsner, Miracolo, and a photo cover featuring cosplayer Rachel Hollon aka FacesByRachie.

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Dejah Thoris vs. John Carter of Mars # 1 will go on sale in July.


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