Destiny 2: How to open and update Splicer Gauntlet


Destiny Season 2 Splicer brings with it many new ways to play the game. The new Splicer Gauntlet is similar to last season’s Hammer of Proving, providing an interesting gameplay loop for the new Override action. In this guide, we’ll show you how to open and update Splicer Gauntlet, as well as how to effectively collect ether, generate keycodes, and break Conflux chests.

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What Splicer Gauntlet is, how to use it and how to open it

You earn a Splicer Gauntlet as soon as you start a Splicer season and play your first season task. Before you can get there, you need to complete the season’s demo, The Lost Splicer. It’s short and easy, and you’ll be launched right into it for the first time Fate 2 at the beginning of the new season.

When it’s done, you’ll get an extended version of HELM with the first seasonal task: Splicer I. weekly challenge). Finish it to advance the story and open the Splicer Gauntlet.

Splicer Gauntlet is similar to last season The hammer of proof. You can use it to unlock chests at the end of this season’s bypass activity to earn seasonal armor and weapons, but you can only unlock chests if you have a special key code. Like all mechanics in Fate 2, A game loop is attached to the Splicer Gauntlet.

Here’s how it works: You earn Ether by playing Fate 2. You can use that ether to generate a keycode with Splicer Gauntlet, and then you can use this keycode to open the Conflux coffin at the end of the bypass operation. It’s similar to how Armor synthesis works Splicer’s season, much less powdery.

How to Collect Ether for Splicer Gauntlet

Before you can do anything, you must collect Ether. The good news is that you can do anything to assemble Ether. Playlist functions, public events, and defeating fighters in any system will reward you with ether. However, some activities reward more than others.

Hover your mouse over the leader’s Splicer Gauntlet to see where you can earn the bonus Ether. At the time of writing, players can earn an ether bonus by completing strikes, but we think Bungie will update the ether awards throughout the season.

However, you don’t have to worry about it too much. The Splicer Gauntlet can only hold 100 ethers at a time, and hits it within an hour of doing basically any activity Fate 2. You don’t have to focus on collecting ether. You have to focus using it.

How to generate keycodes and use Splicer Gauntlet

Once you have found 100 ethers, you will no longer collect. In order for things to move as efficiently as possible, you need to use your ether with it. Open Manager and go Tasks on the Splicer Gauntlet tab. Follow Detail page to start generating keycodes.

Below Key codes tab, you can use 50 ethers to generate one keycode, and Splicer Gauntlet can store up to three keycodes at a time. At the beginning of the season, this is the only way to generate keycodes. However, there are blank spaces next to the key codes, so it is possible to use a currency other than Ether to format them.

From there, all you need to do is skip the function. At the end, you’ll find a Conflux chest next to the main chest that will reward you with a Splicer season and another vague resource: Decrypted Data. This is a resource that you need to upgrade to Splicer Gauntlet.

How to update Splicer Gauntlet (and the best updates to unlock)

You can purchase various upgrades for Splicer Gauntlet with unencrypted data. These updates all focus on bypass activity and the Splicer Gauntlet itself, and can make collecting ethers and generating keycodes much easier.

You can purchase updates from Splicer Servitor. Direction HELM using Manager, then go to the new section this season to find Splicer Servitor. Interact with it and choose Splicer Gauntlet update menu to see updates.

Each upgrade has three levels, and the previous level is required to unlock the next one. First-level upgrades cost 100 unencrypted data, Level II upgrades 300, and Level III upgrades 500. Of course, you can earn unencrypted data from Conflux chests, but you can also earn by completing weekly challenges.

Here are the updates where you should invest your hard-earned decrypted data:

  • Memory expansion: This is without a doubt the first update you should pick up. The Tier I version increases Gauntlet’s ethernet capacity by 50 and gives you extra key code space. We recommend going straight to level III with this. With all three upgrades, your Splicer Gauntlet can hold 300 ether and six key codes.
  • Skip efficiency: Override is a great way to get a new seasonal transmission, and this upgrade adds to the benefits of Override coffins. In addition, the Tier I upgrade offers the option to drop seasonal gears on Vex coffins and increase the fees for Conflux sheets to allow them to drop Umbral Engram and up to one Focused Umbral Engram per week.
  • Codestrider: This update opens up more platforms on the Vex network during bypass operations. It is not Really necessary, but it can make access to the awkward Vex obstacle course a little easier. You could also invest in removal exclusion, which reduces damage to lasers and wall protectors in the Vex network.

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