Dish adds HBO Max and now offers HBO and Cinemax


The following a prolonged standoff Between Dish Network and AT&T on licensing terms for the operation of HBO channels, Dish has reached an agreement with WarnerMedia to offer HBO, HBO Max and Cinemax.

Dish TV customers across the country can use HBO and Cinemax networks today, even though they need to subscribe to HBO Max in order to receive a linear HBO channel. To facilitate the transaction, Dish will conduct a free 10-day preview of premium networks to existing customers at the close of the Olympics, August 6-15. Customers will not have to do anything to take advantage of the preview; networks are displayed automatically.

Users interested in subscribing to HBO Max can purchase a discounted subscription to the service at an ad-free price of $ 12 per month for up to a year if they sign up before October 27th. The service normally costs $ 15 per month without ads, or $ 10 per month if you don’t want to see ads in non-HBO titles. Cinemax also costs $ 10 a month and also includes 5-star Max and More Max channels.

Potential subscribers need to keep in mind that WarnerMedia will throw all 2021 movie discs into the service where they debut the same day they premiered in theaters. (However, its ad-supported level not inside date and date publications such as Dune, Matrix 4and Suicide squad.) Ordering HBO Max also opens up HBO and a handful of others premium HBO channels, including HBO Family, HBO 2, HBO Latino and HBO Signature.

HBO East, HBO West, HBO 2, and HBO Latino are available with a satellite dish, and HBO Signature, HBO Family, and HBO on-demand content require a Hopper or Wally receiver with an Internet connection. HBO Max is available for all connected streaming devices and most major platforms.

Trade means a dispute over distribution terms Between AT&T and Dish, which has been running since 2018, but it also arrives at HBO Max – and every case streamer – with the intention of expanding its subscriber base. The launch of HBO Max and its sister networks on the plate marks a “key addition to our platform distribution strategy,” Scott Miller, WarnerMedia’s chief business and legal officer, said in a statement.

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