Dish Network signed a 10-year, $ 5 billion deal with AT&T

Dish Network has a new network operator partner for its MVNO brands: AT&T. Companies have signed an online service agreement (NSA) that Dish will pay AT&T at least $ 5 billion over the next ten years for the use of its 4G and 5G networks when the dish brings its own 5G network to the network.

The transaction will take effect immediately and will come at a time when the relationship between Dish and T-Mobile, which is currently a major network partner – are particularly stressed. It is not an exclusive agreement, and Dish says some of its customers are likely to continue to connect to T-Mobile’s network. The arrangement also gives AT&T the right to request access to some of Dish’s wireless frequencies.

Dish owns Boost Mobile, Ting and Republic Wireless MVNOs that operate on other carrier networks. Dish bought Boost Mobile In the T-Mobile / Sprint purchase agreement as part of a plan to establish the company as the fourth wireless operator in the United States. Astian Ting and Republic Wireless purchases also gave the company access to the backend infrastructure and subscribers pending its launch as a full-fledged mobile operator.

Things have not gone smoothly. There is an upcoming T-Mobile CDMA shutdown – a network that many Boost customers still rely on – which Dish says will happen earlier than expected (T-Mobile’s responses strong “stop hitting yourself”). The dish has also been lose wireless subscribers hundreds of thousands in recent quarters.

AT&T does not use the CDMA network, so this new agreement is not intended to solve the problem. At the very least, it includes a transition period of at least two years at the end of the contract, during which AT&T must work together to continue the service, so Dish can hopefully avoid possible setbacks.

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