Dizo launches two TWS in-ear headphones later this month in India: what to expect?



Realmen’s sub-brand Dizo is preparing to launch new audio products in the country. So far, the brand has introduced TWS in-ear headphones, smart watch, feature phones and so on. The next product is the TWS in-ear headphones, which arrive later this month. The exact release date and names of these products are yet to be revealed.

Dizo will launch two TWS in-ear headphones later this month in India

Dizo launches two TWS in-ear headphones

The latest development comes to light through 91 mobile phones. The publication has reported from industry sources that DIZO will soon release more audio products in India. Currently, the brand will launch two truly wireless in-ear headphones later this month.

Dizon features Tws in-ear headphones

According to the report, either one or both earphones have ANC (Active Noise Canceling Technology) feature, which is now common in the TWS in-ear headphone segment. In addition, the upcoming in-ear headphones are said to praise the premium design. Apart from this, nothing else is currently known. If the launch really happens, we expect the brand to share more information soon in the coming days.

To remember the brand announced Dizo GoPods D TWS headphones and Dizo Wireless headphones last month. The latter has a lanyard-style design, while the Dizo GoPods D TWS headphones have a metallic design and a smart touch gesture that allows you to join / reject calls and control music. The structure of the headphones is quite similar to Realme Buds. Therefore, we expect that future headphones can borrow a similar model from Realme audio products.

In addition, we expect that future headphones will also support IP rating, game mode and high battery life, like current products. They are also expected to include readily available price tags.

Dizo will launch more products this year

Last month, in exclusive interaction with GizBot, Dizon CEO Abhilash Panda spoke about his upcoming plans and products. The brand will bring more products by the end of this year. The company launches 16 other products in the smart home, accessory, smart care and entertainment segment. He also told us that Dizo wants to be the number one TWS brand in the next two years. The company is now focusing on the smart entertainment segment.

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