DJI Leak suggests that a smaller FPV drone may be incoming


DJI has been surprisingly busy lately, pumping the series new quadcopers in an effort to consolidate its position as a leading dog in the consumer drone market.

And it may be close to releasing another.

Tweet this week from a reliable leak, OsitaLV includes a picture (below) that seems to show the body of an upcoming DJI drone that would be a shade bigger than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


The original suggestion is that it could be part of the third version of the Mini, DJI’s smallest drone to date. Eagle-eyed people, however DroneDJ noticed a space at the front of the frame for a cooling bucket that takes in air to prevent internal components from overheating.

The only other DJI consumer drone with a cooling bucket on top is DJI FPV quadcopter, the company’s newest and zippiest-drone to date.

In other words, the OsitaLV photo may actually show the next iteration of the DJI’s FPV drone, which may be slightly smaller than the original version.

Of course, it is too early to place bets on what exactly we are looking at. But given the DJI model, it upgrades existing machines with new features and takes that into account as well increased attention that first-person (FPV) drones have received of late, we are not surprised that the company is pushing a new version of its FPV drones for too long.

FPV drones are geared more towards speed and agility than regular consumer drones, which focus more on photography. Many experienced FPV drone pilots build parts of their own aircraft, supplementing it with cameras for real-time video input from headphones and also for capturing high-quality images.

Creating a unique aircraft that is strong enough to carry a decent camera is key to many FPV drone models, as these smaller configurations allow for cumbersome controls such as flying through small openings. These amazing FPV drone videos Show what is possible by dedication and practice.

DJI hopes its first FPV drone, released earlier this year, will hit current customers interested in taking their flight skills to a new level.

A smaller version of their first FPV drones could certainly prove appealing to those still diving into the world of FPV drones.

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