Do you remember the Tamagotchi? It will return as a smart device next November


Do you remember the Tamagotchi?  It will return as a smart device next November

One of the biggest crazes just before the turn of the century was a small egg-shaped toy called Tamagotchi. Bandai introduced in November 1996, by this March, the company had sold 83 million pet simulation games. The owner of Tamagotch needs to take good care of his virtual pet in order for it to grow and live long.

Taking care of Tamagotch means feeding it several times a day by pressing a button, playing it to stimulate the mind (stone, paper, scissors are a game often found on Tamagotch), then cleaning Tamagotch’s living quarters. going to the bathroom and more. If a player takes care of their virtual pet, it changes shape as it grows. If not, Tamagotchi will likely “die” forcing the user to restart.
Although many companies dropped the product, Bandai was the company that originally developed it, and now it’s back with a new version it calls “Tamagotchi Smart” with touch and voice controls. The former allows owners to “relax” their virtual pet, while voice recognition allows the owner to “chat” with their pet. Reversible features include a pedometer, digital clock, and an easy way to sync with a friend’s device.

There are also new characters and new styles. And in many ways, the Tamagotchi Smart combines the fun and unique features of the original Tamagotchi with the speed and connectivity of a smartwatch. The device uses TamaSma cards, which are sold separately by Bandai. The cards contain exclusive items and badges that can be downloaded to the Tamagotchi Smart.

The “Speech Recognition” feature isn’t as good as you might have hoped, because it really can’t recognize words. However, a feature called “Power Up” is believed to allow owners to record conversations with pets to help them get a strong connection to them.

Tamagotchi Smart will debut in Japan on November 23, 2021. A global release date has not yet been announced.

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