Do you use tracking devices like AirTags, Tile, SmartTags?


Tracking devices have been available for some time. The popular Tile tracker has been in use since the early 2010s, while recently Samsung came on the market Galaxy SmartTag. But now it is Apple has announced its own AirTags, followers are likely to become more popular than ever before. We looked at it recently AirTags and SmartTags from a privacy perspective, as well as some the best Apple AirTag accessories can get right now. In any case, we can conclude that each tracking device has something superior and has its own user target, be it Apple users or Samsung users; budget-conscious who are happy with the $ 29 follow-up or who can afford to drop $ 449 a Hermès baggage tag AirTag.

But just because there are a lot of options, doesn’t mean everyone finds tracking programs useful, so we’d love to hear from you.

Are you currently using a tracking device, and if so, please let us know in the comments how you use it or where it is connected. Do you use it on your luggage, keys, wallet? Which brand did you choose and why? Alternatively, don’t you find any benefits from tracking devices?


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