Does Apple’s AirTag tracking work in tall buildings



AirTag is certainly not an uncharted territory. We have seen a lot of similar tracking devices Tile and Samsung. Apple is the biggest asset to Apple’s ecosystem, and in particular – the Find My app and network, which is by far the largest on the planet.

As this is a new niche for Apple, there are a lot of questions about how AirTags work – are they reliable, safe or useful? For the most part, the answer to all the questions is yes. However, there are certain aspects of technology that either Tim Cook and the company ignored, or the technology is simply not there yet.


One of these considerations is that AirTags don’t seem to work as well when they’re “lost” in a multi-story building, as they do when they’re in the wrong place in larger spaces. Ben Sin, who lives in a multi – storey building in Hong Kong with access to several floors. If he happens to place an object incorrectly on one floor and then move to another layer, AirTag will not send the exact location for the precision search feature to work, which means it will have difficulty calculating the vertical distance (height).

Still, regular AirTag tracking can tell you that tracking is basically in the same building, but it’s not very useful if you work or live in a skyscraper.

This problem will not affect everyone. Hong Kong is, of course, a fairly specific case study. Apartments or even two-story houses with a spacious staircase should not cause the same problems, which means that North American users are unlikely to be affected.

In fact, people who live in a tall building often only have access to one floor where their apartment is, so AirTag should work just fine. However, if you work in a tall building where you are constantly moving between floors, the AirTag may not be the most useful device for your needs, like someone else.

Tall Apple

But isn’t it better at the end of the day to have tracking in your bag than not at all? The least AirTag values ​​are to save you from panic because you can see the approximate location of an object even if you don’t know what floor it may be on.

There is an interesting statistic on the subject that comes from SkyScraperCenter in countries with the tallest city buildings around the world. It’s no big surprise that China is at the top of the list with 2395 (150m +), 823 (200m +) and 95 (300m +) buildings. The “highest city” is Hong Kong, which perfectly explains Ben’s view.

The United States is second with 825 (150m +), 220 (200m +) and 28 (300m +) tall buildings. Ironically, The Big Apple is Apple’s Achilles heel. New York is the “tallest city” in the United States. The UAE is third on the list, then we have the island of Japan and South Korea is fifth.

We think the pickup is: lower your floor if you want to trust the AirTag.


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