Does my iPhone support AirTages?

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AppleAirTags are a new craze in small accessories that can change your life. Just like the previous Tile tags and Samsung recently released Galaxy SmartTags, AirTags can be attached to your stuff so you can keep track of them and hopefully find them if they are lost.

You’ve probably already seen some great Demos on your iPhone that show you exactly where its owner’s keys are – the entire screen becomes this “find lost products” compass and directs you directly to the corresponding AirTag. The technology required to accomplish this is Apple’s U1 chip – it’s present in AirTags and you need one on iPhone to get a precision product seeker.

But what if you have an older iPhone? Supports AirTag iPhone SE tai an iPhone XR?

Which iPhones support AirTages?

Any iPhone that supports iOS 14.5 can be connected to and tracked by AirTags. This means anything iPhone 6s and up:
Models without a U1 chip (all older than iPhone 11) is not a precision search. They will still be able to tell you where the AirTag is on the map, and they can activate the “Play Voice” feature – so that the AirTag announces itself – if they are within range.

So, pretty much if you’ve used Find My to search for your iPad or iPhone before – this is what it looks like when you’re following your AirTag on a non-U1 iPhone. You only get a scam on the map. Not ideal, and you really don’t get the value for your AirTag money, but hey – at least that’s something.

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Can I connect AirTags to an iPad?

Yes, you can use any iPad that supports iPadOS 14.5 or later to connect and search for AirTages. However, keep in mind that no iPad has a U1 chip – even the latest iPad professionals. This means that the iPad also does not have accurate discovery. Which is a kind of shame – iPad professionals have a LiDAR sensor that people are still struggling to find their purpose for, but not the U1.

Can I find an AirTag with an Apple Watch?

Not really. Find your app in Apple Watch is limited to finding friends or sharing your location. The watch itself doesn’t search for devices on the Find My network – no iPhone, no iPad, and definitely no AirTag. Again, it’s a missed opportunity – Apple Watch 6 it has a U1 chip. Maybe with the next WatchOS update?

Can I use a Mac to pair and search with AirTags?

Not at all. Even though AirTag is registered to your iCloud account, you can’t do it through your Mac. You need an iOS or iPadOS device. The same goes for actually searching for AirTag – the Find My web-based version does not support AirTages. This means that if you’re in the wild, you can’t borrow a friend’s phone to look for your own AirTag as well. You must have an iPhone or iPad.

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