Don’t like your AirPods Max case? Here are the top five substitutes we have chosen


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Don't like your AirPods Max case?  Here are the top five substitutes we have chosen

Apple achieved something great AirPods Max. Yes, they definitely fall into the premium and more expensive categories. However, given the audiophile-quality sound quality they produce and the odd active noise attenuation, they are quite attractive. Most headphones with similar sound quality are wired, have no ANC, and cost a lot more. One area where Apple’s design team didn’t work very well was the “enclosure” designed to house this high-end hardware. After all, when you pay a premium, you expect everything to be flawless and carefully considered. Unfortunately, this was not the case (pun intended), so we’ll list with the top five third-party products you can buy that do a better job.

Inexpensive but effective

Let’s start with a few products that don’t add much more to the cost:

The VOMA leather case is the thinnest set, with one exception, which I will mention later. Made of waterproof leather, its EVA-hard shell exerts shock and a dust-tight exterior. There is also a detachable zippered mesh bag inside to store the charging cable and other accessories.

While it doesn’t have a lot of reviews on Amazon, those who have tried the product have expressed satisfaction with it. For $ 18, it’s worth a try.

For fashion men

If you are looking for stylish options that fit your beautiful design AirPodit Max, you’ll probably find it in one of these two:

The case of Waterfield Designs is the whole package. The top and bottom layers have a closed cellular foam that resists compression. Inside, it is lined with a plush lining combined with soft foam.

If you’re not a fan of the Apple Smart Case, this product will free you from using it. The unique magnetic leather butterfly feature puts the headphones in power saving mode and protects the ear cups from shocks. If you still decide to use the Apple case, the “wings” will remain flat.

The case also comes with many other storage options and is available in vegan-friendly variations of leather and nylon. In addition, you can charge your device even if it is stored inside. The Shield case is priced at $ 99 for leather options or $ 89 for nylon.

Now this one here screams in style. The Pad & Quill product has more of a bag than a case and has a different look. The outer surface of the case is made by hand from leather, which is subject to the PQ’s 25 leather warranty. Inside, the AirPods Max is protected with a ballistic nylon cloth, a protective thick layer of foam, and a non-crushing core column in the center.

Like the Waterfield Designs Shield case, the Pad & Quill has two hidden magnets that automatically put the AirPods Max into power save mode. In addition, there is an opening at the bottom for charging.

One feature of this premium case makes it stand out even more from all the others. Inside the case are two leather straps that, when combined, allow you to turn the case around and turn it into a stand for your headphones.

You can usually get this high end case / bag for $ 129, but right now it seems to be out of stock. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye on this product.

Case, which case?

  • MONOCARBON Carbon fiber covers

If you’re looking for maximum brightness, an AirPods Max ear cup cover may be the right way to go. There are many variations, but the ones made by MONOCARBON are made of genuine carbon fiber and won’t get any lighter. In addition to making them very light, the material gives the coatings distinctive durability and strength.

MONOCARBON has also ensured that the openings in the product are precise so that the functions of the headphones are not impaired. Amazon reviews confirm this claim and are mostly five stars. Currently, the price is $ 53.

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