Draw like 1989 with this Kid Pix web app


Kid Pix, an iconic piece of kid-friendly desktop art software, has been moved to Javascript and HTML from the user Vikram Nijjar. Online version of Kid Pix based on one the original version was released for the Mac in 1989 Author: Craig Hickman

It has the much-anticipated tools like brushes, rubber stamps, shapes and letters, all of which are very memorable sound effects for the Kid Pix. The sounds and Kid Pix’s slightly incomprehensible interface are a real draw here. The inherent playfulness of the program encourages you to explore, even if you are no longer a child. You’ll see a spokesman for Kid Pix’s first publisher, Broderbund talk through some features of the original application below:

I didn’t remember using Kid Pix at first, but I pulled up the online version of Kid Pix and stamped a random selection of strawberries just to greet the app with a separate THWACK sound effect, immediately confirming that yes, I’m a 90s kid. You may be similarly confused by the boring KABOOM that comes bundled with Kid Pix’s “Firecracker” tool. Or the weird WOOOW that comes with the “Doorbell” tool. Kid Pix is ​​refreshingly weird in a way most software isn’t in a polished, user-friendly 2021.

Some casual Kid Pix art I think can be quite good.

It’s fun to embark on a journey along the memory lane, and downloading a website to your browser is much easier than digging into the version of Kid Pix that really works on your computer.

You can try Kid Pix now, directly from your browser.

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