Dread Hunger leaves Early Access this fall, a new trailer was released

Indie developer Digital Confectioners has announced a multiplayer game Fear Hunger is leaving Early Access to get the full release on Steam this fall. This game of survival and betrayal takes players to the high seas on board a doomed sailing ship. A trailer for the second update of the game (see trailer below) with a new map, a new character and a new enemy will also be released today.


Fear Hunger takes 8 players on a 19th-century Arctic research ship where they have to depend on each other to survive, but two players become ‘Thralls’ and do their best to sabotage the mission. All explorers must work together to gather resources to power the ship and survive harsh conditions, while Thralls plans to poison food, kill crew members, explode explosives, rob resources, and perform dark magic while trying to remain undiscovered.

Game features:

  • Build fires to stay warm and avoid wolves and worse. Hunt for food to survive in the unforgivable Canadian Arctic.
  • Deceive your friends with poisoned food, shoot them in the back, or hex them with black magic.
  • Choose from several characters, such as a captain, navigator, engineer, chef, doctor, chapel, royal sailor, or hunter.
  • Make gloomy choices about what to eat in this unfriendly environment (there are no Arctic supermarkets!).
  • Guide the early 19th century around the Arctic and do either what you can to make sure it still floats or sinks.
  • Plan a full day and night cycle and clear snowstorms.

“It has been very gratifying to see a loyal community rise around Fear Hunger and throw themselves into everything from finding new methods to just fooling around and pretending to be old-fashioned priests. We’ve been listening carefully to community feedback as we move through Early Access, and I think the game is so better for it! “said Alex Quick, creative director of the Dread Hunger Team.

Fear Hunger is available on Steam Early Access now and will be fully released this fall.

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