DRIFT21 leaves Early Access for full release on Steam

505 games and developer ECC Games have announced a drift racing simulation game Drift21 has exited Early Access and started completely on Steam for PC. After a successful Early Access episode, the developers have listened to feedback from the drifting community and drift racing fans to create a game that incorporates all the excitement of a real drifting race. The new release trailer is shown below …


Drifting was once an illegal but very popular sport on the streets of Japan, and its popularity has grown around the world. Over the years, it has gained popular fans, has sanctioned competitors in several countries, including the UK, US and Japan, and drivers often drive their cars (as well as themselves) to absolute limits at speeds while maintaining control.

In Drift21 players can choose from 12 fully licensed cars and tune each part of the engine to suit their driving style and tracks. Once the cars are tuned to inch perfection, it’s time to take them to the official EBISU competition circles in one of seven challenging single-player modes, including career, fast-paced racing and time attack. Those who don’t want to compete alone can test their skills against others in five multiplayer modes.


  • 12 fully licensed cars to choose from, including the Mazda MX5, Subaru BRZ, BMW E46 M3 and Nissan 350Z.
  • Customize your car in a garage with over 1,900 parts to tune in and extensive painting shops and stickers.
  • Test your driving skills on eight of Japan’s legendary EBISU tracks, including Driftland, Minami and Touge, Koszalin in Poland and many more.
  • compete in 7 single-player modes or take on other competitors from around the world in five head-to-head multiplayer events including Free For All, Sprints and Tandem.
  • Improved driving and collision physics add a new kind of realism to the drifting experience.
  • Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud Saves, New Progress-Like Mechanics, and Garage Challenges.

Drift21 is available on Steam for a limited time now.

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