DTG Digital Printing What is it – how to recognize

DTG Digital Printing

Digital printing works best for small runs and situations where a certain personalization is needed. It is always used where the quantities are so small that running an offset press is not profitable, but a similar quality is expected. Similar effects can be seen in both color and black-and-white digital printing. Typical jobs for this printing technology include short series of materials for conferences, business and advertising materials, invitations, business cards, leaflets, reports, etc., and a whole spectrum of job prints. The aforementioned possibility of personalizing prints also deserves special mention. For digital printing, the same bookbinding technologies as for other printing technologies can be used. And digital printing is best for custom uniform printing.

What is digital printing and how to recognize it?

DTG digital printing is currently one of the most popular printing methods and is often used to produce small-format advertising materials such as leaflets, business cards, labels, catalogs and brochures.

The digital printing house in Poznan uses machines that use electrography, which means that instead of a matrix, they use special charged electrodes, with only one cylinder (called a photoreceptor) covered with a photosensitive layer.

This type of device creates digital printouts from data sent directly from a computer. Thanks to this, you can freely implement various projects. Designs for printing can be delivered to the digital printing house in Poznań on any digital medium. What’s more, digital printing does not require any special preparation, which allows you to quickly and cheaply print invitations, business cards or other products. In addition, it is possible to print on plastic in Dallas, exactly in our printing house.

The entire process of digital printing is similar to laser printing. However, its quality is much better and it works much faster. The primary advantages of this printing technology include the ability to quickly complete tasks such as digital printing of flyers, posters and photos on site. Digital printing does not require any specially prepared matrices for individual projects, which sheet printing does.

DTG Printing

Printouts made with this method can be processed immediately. What’s more, they can be implemented even at very attractive prices with very low outlays. You can use digital printing on a variety of substrates and weights. In addition, this technique allows the use of personalization – placing various data in designated places, e.g. names on invitations, promotional codes. The quality of digital printing is getting better and better, it is even approaching offset printing. In bound works, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish the type of printing used. Digital printing is often used to print business cards or coupons. In our printing house in Poznań, we perform digital and offset printing, but also UV printing .

Dallas digital printing house – advantages of digital printing

  • In the digital printing house in Dallas, digital prints are made “on the spot”. Preparation for printing is quick and can also be done while printing other jobs.
  • The quality of the final prints is much higher than the known printouts from a typical printer or plotter. It can be compared to offset technology.
  • High printing speed (much faster than in standard printers), although slightly lower than in offset technology
  • Possibility of implementation on various raw materials and in a wide range of basis weights.
  • Low costs of digital printing for small and very small runs, and a very short time to get the first print.
  • Savings due to no need for test prints. The first copy coming off the machine is usually a print run.
  • The price of printing only one copy and the price of printing one copy in a large print run are more or less comparable (no large discrepancies as in the case of offset).
  • Possibility of any print personalization, e.g. giving each print a specific, individual serial number, individual addressing, etc.
  • No downtime between orders and their archiving and resumption are simple, fast and repeatable.
  • Possibility of scaling files before printing
  • Simple and quick change of toners (there is no need to wash the machine typical for offset due to color changes).

Disadvantages of digital printing

  • The quality of digital printing is not as high as in the case of offset printing – especially in the case of full coverage, i.e. uniform printing.
  • The cost of digital printing is usually similar for 1 piece, regardless of the number of copies made, so with higher print runs it may be unprofitable compared to, for example, offset printing.
  • The obvious disadvantage is the small paper size. 

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