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Despite the current state of the world E3 will be held this year. The only catch is that it is not held in person as before. This year, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) will host a digital version E3, which aims to further introduce new and exciting game announcements as well as updates to already known games.

Since E3 is usually full of games and announcements, things can become overwhelming as a viewer. Fortunately, Digital Trends has all the details for this year’s E3, including the participating companies, when the event will take place, and the overall confirmed schedule.

Here is what to expect from the E3 2021.

When is E3 2021?

what to expect-e3-2021

E3 2021 runs from 12 June to 15 June and is set to present digital presentations from major publishers as well as the media. Think of them as Nintendo Direct-style events lasting 15 minutes or more, and plenty of game announcements are scattered everywhere.

ESA also raised the idea to include Game Demos in E3 2021 in some capacity, though it is not confirmed whether this plan will come to life. In other previous events, publishers have given the press access to game demos for coverage remotely, so it’s possible that we’ll see some version of E3 here.

Before you get on the E3 2021 schedule, it is worth mentioning that no publisher has confirmed the games for the show. We know that games make up the bulk of the event, of course, we just don’t know which ones. Sometimes a publisher announces in advance what games it will present, but for the most part it is meant to be a surprise. We will keep this up to date with any game confirmations as the event approaches.

E3 2021 schedule

The E3 2021 schedule is evolving, but so far we already have a significant list of publishers / media confirmed to be participating. The schedule (so far) is as follows:

June 12

what to expect-e3-2021
  • Ubisoft Forward – 12 noon PT / 15 ET
  • Future Games Exhibition – TBA

June 13

Unannounced dates

  • Summer Games Fest
  • Microsoft E3 demo
  • Square Enix presents
  • Nintendo Digital Direct

It is possible that more publishers / outlets will have events for E3, but we know right now. We will continue to update the message with specific dates and times when they are confirmed.

What other companies will be E3 2021?

what to expect-e3-2021

Although most of the participating companies do not have their own samples in E3 2021, they will appear in some way throughout the event. Many publishers appear during other major digital events. For example, it is possible that Capcom will have a game on display during Nintendo Direct.

These companies appear throughout E3 2021:

  • Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Amazon Game Studios
  • Bad Button Studio
  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
  • Bethesda Softworks
  • Capcom USA, Inc.
  • Select Entertainment
  • DvG
  • Deep Silver, Inc.
  • Epic Games Inc.
  • Funcom
  • GTR simulator
  • GungHo Online Entertainment America
  • Hyperkin, Inc.
  • Kalypso Media Group
  • KontrolFreek
  • Limited running games
  • LGA Enterprises
  • nDreams
  • Nintendo of America Inc.
  • PureArts
  • Oculus on Facebook
  • RDS Industries Inc.
  • Rebellion
  • SEGA
  • Square Enix, Inc.
  • Take two interactive software
  • Tasters
  • THQ Nordic
  • Ubisoft Entertainment SA
  • Unnamed VR by Paracosma
  • Warner Bros. games
  • Xbox
  • XSEED games
  • Xsolla

There are a few interesting things to keep in mind from the list above. One is that Bethesda is listed separately from Microsoft, which may mean that companies host stand-alone events. Earlier, before the acquisition of Microsoft, Bethesda hosted its own live press conference, so it is possible that the company will continue this trend this year.

Another noteworthy thing is to include Devolver Digital, a publisher who usually has his own event on E3. The company has not announced what to expect, but has confirmed that “E3 plans have been made.”

E3 plans have been made.

& mdash; Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) May 5, 2021

Just like the entire E3 schedule, the list of participating companies is likely to grow and expand as the event approaches.

Which publishers are not in E3?

While there is a wash list of publishers not present in E3 2021, the most significant are Sony and Electronic Arts.

With Sony, the lack of its involvement is not uncommon, as the company has not participated in E3 in recent years. Recently, the company doubled its own show called State of Play, which was set up just like Nintendo Direct. It is possible that Sony may send a progress report this summer around E3, although nothing has been confirmed.

In the case of Electronic Arts, that company has also overtaken E3 in the past for its EA Play Live event. In the past, EA Play Live featured personal demos, presentations, and opportunities to chat with developers on site, so it’s unclear how that will change if it happens this year. It is possible that EA could host a digital version of this, just as it did in 2020, with a specific announcement about this the next Skate game.

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