Elon Musk calls Apple’s App Store payments “an effective global tax on the Internet”


Elon Musk has had a busy Friday on Twitter. After directly denies that he ever spoke to Apple CEO Tim Cook in response to a wild story that he insisted on becoming the company’s CEO as part of a takeover bid, Musk has now tweeted his support for Epic Games ’fight against Apple over App Store practices.

“Apple’s app store fees are a de facto global tax on the Internet” he said. “The epic is right.”

Epic is currently involved legal battle with AppleApple claims that its App Store rules, which allow Apple to charge a 30 percent commission on many App Store events, are unfair and anti – competitive.

Perhaps the goal is to take advantage of the massive spotlight that Musk brings to battle by tweeting it to its 58.7 million followers, CEO Tim Sweeney, who has been Apple’s opponent on Twitter, posted his latest rescue against iPhone maker just 25 years after Musk’s tweet. “In the future, all physical assets will be digitally present, and Apple will tax and sustain world trade.” Sweeney said. “Apple must be stopped.”

Apple and Epic have not responded to the request for comment.

Epic faced Apple in court for much of May, and while we are still awaiting a verdict on the trial, the trial itself revealed all sorts of interesting information. Epic has also done competition lawsuit against Google Play Over trading practices, although the case is progressing more slowly.

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