Elon Musk has a ticket to ride Richard Branson’s space plane


Space billionaire Elon Musk bought a space ticket from space billionaire Richard Branson at Virgin Galactic, Wall Street Journal mentions a company spokesman said.

SpaceX CEO and founder Musk had a Virgin Galactic ticket before Branson’s flight into space on Sunday, says a person familiar with the purchase Limit. It’s unclear where Musk will stand in line with Virgin Galactic’s approximately 600 other potential SpaceShipTwo passengers, but the ticket itself is a continuation of his apparent friendship with Branson, which is at odds with everyone else. sass and precision this month, Blue Origin, another space industry company founded by Jeff Bezos, another very rich billionaire in the space industry. It is also seen as a friendly support for Virgin Galactic’s rocket-powered machine.

Branson flew into space on Sunday with the company’s SpaceShipTwo spacecraft on a ridiculously luxurious test flight featuring nicely produced video segments, a concert and celebrities by Stephen Colbert and astronaut Chris Hadfield. After a successful air launch, Branson and three other Virgin Galactic employees floated around the spacecraft cabin for a moment, micro-weighted, before returning to the ground a few minutes later.

Muskin SpaceX has focused mostly on government contracts to transport astronauts and cargo into space, but its first private astronaut operation is scheduled for September. This task is a longer (and much more expensive) journey into orbit, not just a few minutes above Earth’s atmosphere like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin.

Musk and Branson are good friends. Tesla’s CEO personally followed Branson’s take-off from Spaceport America on Sunday. “Thank you for being so typically supportive and such a good friend, Elon,” Branson tweeted before the flight. Branson spent his pre-dawn morning before getting up with Musk. “Great to start the morning with a friend,” he said in another Tweet. “Feels good, excited, ready.”

SpaceShipTwo is a rocket plane that stands in the middle of Virgin Galactic’s emerging space tourism business. Each ticket to one of the six seats on the plane sells for about $ 250,000, and the company has so far booked more than 600 passengers, including celebrities like Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio. Bezosin’s Blue Origin is the most competitive space tourism pie with Virgin, which aims to launch customers a little higher with a completely different system: the suborbital New Shepard rocket.

Bezos ’own show-and-tell with New Shepard is scheduled for July 20th.

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