Elon Musk says SpaceX keeps Bitcoin, the ribs at the Jack Dorsey conference

“SpaceX, Tesla and I own Bitcoin,” Elon Musk said at a Bitcoin conference today. While Tesla no longer allows people to pay for cars with Bitcoin, the automaker has not sold it to Bitcoin, he said. “We don’t sell any Bitcoin, and I don’t sell anything in person, nor does SpaceX sell any Bitcoin.”

In addition, Musk stated that he owned Ethereum and – not surprisingly – Dogecoin. The price of Ethereum, which has already risen today, continued to rise in connection with the announcement. Dogecoin rose to almost 21 cents at the beginning of the panel before falling to around 19 cents by the end of the panel, According to Coindesk data. Musk spoke on the panel with Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and payment company Square, and Cathie Wood, founder and CEO of ARK Invest.

In February, Tesla announced it has invested $ 1.5 billion Bitcoin; part of this investment was sold during the first quarter With a profit of $ 101 million. Tesla started Approval of Bitcoin at the end of Marchthen turned abruptly back in May, just 49 days later. The change was due to concerns about Bitcoin’s energy use – and Tesla said it will continue to approve Bitcoin as mining becomes more environmentally sustainable.

“I could pump, but I won’t pour,” Musk said today. “I really don’t believe in raising the price and selling or anything like that. I would like to see Bitcoin succeed. “

Musk has followed the situation of some investors by colliding with people who believe Bitcoin is the only valuable cryptocurrency. Musk has said Dogeco can “win Bitcoin hands down”. Tesla’s cancellation of Bitcoin as a payment method contributed to the collapse of Bitcoin in April. A decline in the value of Bitcoin could cost Tesla $ 90 million, Business Insider estimated in June.

At one point, Musk asked Dorsey if he would accept Bitcoin as a payment for advertising on Twitter. Dorsey claimed the question even though he had previously advertised his Bluesky project, which was first announced in announced in December 2019. By January of this year, it didn’t seem to go much further – Dorsey wrote on Twitter interviews and continues to hire people for Bluesky. “My main focus right now is a decentralized social media protocol, we call it Bluesky,” he said today. “It’s super, very early.”

But Dorsey’s goals for Bitcoin are high, though he doesn’t think Twitter should accept it as payment. “I hope it creates world peace,” Dorsey said of the cryptocurrency.

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