Elon Musk says Tesla is working on humanoid robots


Tesla CEO Elon Musk says his company is working on a humanoid robot and plans to build a prototype “sometime next year.” The humanoid robot leverages Tesla’s experience with factory automated machines as well as some hardware and software that uses the company’s Autopilot controller software.

Musk, who has spoken publicly about artificial fears escaping his fears, said Teslan is “meant to be friendly,” but that Tesla is designing the robot “on a mechanical level” so that “you can escape it, and probably beat it.” That’s five feet, eight inches long and has a face display.

Robots are designed to handle “tasks that are dangerous, repetitive, or tedious” website reads.

Musk revealed drawings of a robot near the end of his business.AI Day“-In an event where it showcased some machine learning and supercomputer technologies that it will one day aim to get power for self-driving cars. The company also had a model dummy version on stage that didn’t work.

Developing …

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