Emerald Fennell, a promising young woman, scripted the film Nemesis for Mark Millar


Comic book magazine Mark Millar has announced that Emerald Fennell, Oscar-winning screenwriter A promising young woman, writes screenplay for critically acclaimed supervillain comic magazine’s long pregnancy Nemesis.

“Emerald Fennell, who just won an Oscar for Best Screenplay for a Film A promising young woman, has just submitted the latest draft Nemesis a script that’s very cool, especially when the late Tony Scott developed a film that created great visual ideas for the film, ”Millar told British dealer Forbidden Planet.

Official summary Nemesis includes:

Nemesis is the story of one man with a plan of revenge! Who is Nemesis? He is the son of privilege, the heir of billions from his dead parents. He has a fleet of the finest cars and a hall full of planes, and he has countless technical equipment at his command. He is the ultimate super-villain who fights relentlessly for the nihilsitic cause he believes in.

Nemesis comes second comic book project on Fennell’s slate after Oscar victory after best original screenplay, actor and filmmaker signed contract in March script a Zatanna a film for Warner Bros. and DC films.


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