Emergency department visits increased during the June heat wave in the northwestern United States

At the end of June, a heat wave burning the Northwest Pacific led to a huge increase in emergency department visits to the region. new analysis from disease control and prevention centers. The emergency department made 1,038 heat visits during the heatwave peak on June 28 in “Region 10” – which includes Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. In a shocking comparison, there were only nine similar ED visits in the area on the same day in 2019.

Although much of the West suffered from freezing heat in June, the Northwest was home to a disproportionate number of emergency department visits. Region 10 accounted for 15 percent of ED visits nationwide, although it accounts for only 4 percent of the U.S. population. The daily average of heat-related on-call visits was 69 times higher this year from 25 to 30 June. Compared to the corresponding period in 2019.

The severity of the heat was found to bepractically impossible“Without climate change, a recent analysis was found. The crisis shows how typically cool and lukewarm areas, such as the Northwest Pacific, may struggle to adapt to extreme heat as climate change tests urban boundaries. Ajoradat folded and power cords melted because the infrastructure is not built to withstand heat. Only one-third of homes in the Seattle area have air conditioning, a The 2018 study found.

“Warm up for adaptation in the summer, but that’s only if you’re used to experiencing those conditions. This can be very different from any other experienced heat wave, ”David Roth, national weather forecaster said Limit last month. “So yeah, you should worry more about heat being turned off, heat stroke, that sort of thing.”

The new CDC data do not even fully reflect the toll, the extreme heat of which has been in the Northwest recently. Because its data was limited to emergency departments, it did not document people who may have sought help elsewhere – meaning its figures underestimated how widespread the thermal diseases really were. The painful heat wave was also associated with hundreds Deaths In the northwestern United States and British Columbia.

The second heat wave is prognosis hit the western United States and Canada over the weekend.

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