Emily Blunt says superhero race is “exhausted”, comments on Fantastic Four rumor


Ever since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have shown fans the inevitable look of Fantastic Four with Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinski, seemingly the most popular choices for Sue Storm and Storm’s husband Reed Richards.

Now in an interview with the Howard Stern Show (via Inside), Blunt has dealt with rumors that he has been approached for his role in Marvel’s Miracles in addition to the film to offer their thoughts on superheroes in general.

“It’s not that it’s under me,” Blunt said. “I love Ironman and when I was offered Black Widow, I was obsessed Ironman, I wanted to work with Robert Downey Jr. – it would have been amazing … but I don’t know if there are any superhero movies for me. They are not in my alley. I don’t like them. No way. It has been used up. We have been flooded – not only with all the movies, but also with the endless TV shows. Doesn’t mean I would never want to repeat it, it should just be something so cool and like a really neat character, and then I would be interested. “

Blunt went on to comment on the rumors that linked him Miracles, clarifying that they are nothing more than “fans of Actors”: “No one has received a call. It’s just people saying, ‘Wouldn’t that be great?'”

While Blunt may have dropped fans ’hopes in hopes of seeing him and Krasinski join MCU The Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic, you can see the couple in the upcoming horror sequel Quiet place II which is scheduled to be shown in theaters on May 28th.


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