ESPN Plus will receive a second price increase in 2021


ESPN Plus’s monthly and annual subscription costs will increase from August 13, the second price increase for the service in 2021. The new price increase has taken the annual plan for the service by about $ 20 this year alone.

Confirmed by ESPN Plus Limit that the service will go up from $ 6 to $ 7, while the annual cost will go up from $ 60 to $ 70. In particular, the Disney bundle, which costs $ 13 and includes sister services Disney + and Hulu, will not rise in price. The cost of UFC viewing also does not change.

Disney Plus and ESPN Plus have both received price increases in 2021. Sports Streaming Service the annual subscription cost increased To $ 60 a year from $ 50 in January. The company looked at the increased value to consumers of the latest price increase, mentioning in particular the coverage of direct sports, the original programming, and a broader editorial analysis by industry experts. According to the service, there were almost 14 million subscribers in April.

Meanwhile, Disney’s tent service received a slightly more expensive price in 2021. In March, Disney Plus rose to $ 8 a month or $ 80 a year, which is no doubt still a great value for the quality of content produced and certainly Disney’s new releases usually arrive at no extra charge. after the presentation. Black Widowfor example, you are free to stream on the service from October 6th.

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