Several applicants discover that they may manage their exams better overall if they focus more of their UPSC preparation time on other GS papers and even less on Essay Writing  For UPSC. This, however, is not the case because the essay exercise was given the same weight as the other GS papers and required that it be written in both an intellectual and analytical manner. The primary reason for including this as a component of the UPSC examination’s main stage is that it will enable candidates to become well-informed about social developments and happenings and any opinions and beliefs they may have. 

The key benefit of using essays as the main topic is that they will train candidates to think practically about the situation at hand and to be familiar with all potential outcomes in a well-defined way. This will improve the candidate’s active approach to society, which is what people look for in a future civil servant.


The essay is one of the essential modules in the UPSC mains test, which has caused candidates to tackle it with a full-fledged approach. In order to execute this effectively, they desire to receive guidance from a certain institute that has specialty and excellence in it. Yet, occasionally students are unable to approach this field practically and may only have a few online resources. For this reason, one must carry out thorough research as well as surveys to produce the best results.

Today, it’s a myth that internet platforms are not worthwhile investments for time or money, yet they can be productive investments that yield productive results. Every candidate knows that transferring from their homes to another city is not a simple undertaking, thus one can reach out to them online to assist by taking away all the barriers to their preparedness. Whereas online platforms are also bombarded with a huge option and one can approach to the most suitable one. With the similar idea one of the most renowned as well as best coaching institute in Delhi-EDEN IAS has come up with a wonderful approach towards essay writing in creative as well as analytical way.


The course they are offering includes both offline and online mediums, including live, interactive sessions online as well as available recorder sessions. The course they cover comprehensively addresses each and every type of essay requestee by the UPSC in the Essay paper, whether it be of a dynamic nature, like the theme of “Role of Education,” or be of a philosophical nature, based on some quote, a recent trend the Commission has adopted in the Essay paper. All of this has been done under the direction of one of the best instructors for UPSC exam preparation, Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir, who in themselves is one of the best faculty members.

Also, the course combines a guiding class with parties sessions for each section, discussions, mock tests, and individualized mentoring.

It will take about two months to complete the course. Whereas the guided section primarily focuses on providing an introduction to the essay writing portion of the UPSC CSE  Essay writing course for upsc mains module and will help to familiarize them with all the modules in a clear and thorough manner.

The arrival of detailed sessions is followed by five detailed essay sessions that cover a range of topics, including philosophical topics, social and economic topics related to geopolitics and the constitution, political and legal topics related to science and technology, and environmental topics related to the environment.

In order for the candidates to self-evaluate their performance and focus on the areas where they are losing marks and improve those sections during the mentorship sessions offered to all of the people, it is necessary to conduct some comprehensive tests based on some case-by-case basis or based on some situation during as well as after the completion of the overall session.

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