How many parts are there in the UPSC ethics GS4 Paper?


The Civil Services Examination’s General Studies 4 has a significant portion on ethics UPSC. The UPSC Mains General Studies-4 paper’s Ethics Integrity and Aptitude section was added in 2013 with a specific goal in mind. It was primarily included in the UPSC main exam to assess candidates’ ability to solve problems through analytical thought with regard to society.

where ethics is generally separated into two categories, such as 

1.) theoretical applications- The applicant must comprehend a variety of ideas and issues relating to ethics, integrity, and aptitude within this part. A candidate needs to be conversant with a range of ethical and integrity concerns as a result.

2.) case studies-Whereas in this section, there are scenario-based questions that present fictitious circumstances to the candidate. The applicant will have to respond to the situation as it is. All of this is done to evaluate a candidate’s mental capacity and ability to make decisions in a certain circumstance.

The only requirement for preparing for ethics is that the candidate should be well-versed. With the happenings in the surroundings and based on their general awareness and as well as based. On their thought process over it, how can one take decisions which should be for the betterment of society? This requirement does not require the candidate to be very well-versed in any facts or theoretical concepts in the textbooks. Whereas the inclusion of these factors made the subject less challenging. Overall and improved scoring for UPSC aspirants by giving them. A chance to improve their ranking, which they are unable. To accomplish due to the difficulty and complexity of other subjects.

Therefore, with the same goals in mind, one of the top IAS coaching center’s in Delhi- EDEN IAS created a platform that is solely focused on ethics.

This platform was created with the help as well as under the guidance of the well-renowned expert, – Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir, who is known for his individualized instruction and supportive teaching style. He maintains a balance in the way the material is presented. In class, makes the concepts simple to grasp, and aids. In the development of a case study writing strategy that is application-based.

The course’s main goal is to go over the syllabus and get candidates ready to use every section. Of it wisely while composing their answers. By daily class-based questions for answer writing that are presented following each class session, the applications of the topics covered in the class are thoroughly prepared.

The candidate will take two sections exams following the discussion of the academic material Ethics syllabus For UPSC , and the session will then resume with the practical element (case studies). There will be a specific exam on case studies after covering 100 cases. 100 cases from current circumstances are covered. In the special section on ethics case studies, which also offers a summary of various ethical theorists’ ideas (GS Paper IV). This course includes a practise workbook and a unique test on case studies. 

With a similar methodology, many are working on these modules. For instance, one of the leading and best coaching institute in Delhi, EDEN IAS, is renowned for its exclusive ethics case studies batch. In this batch, they offer a competitive environment for aspirants who have already been selected. As well as those who are attempting to increase their Mains score. One could do well in the UPSC GS Mains exam with the help of their seven-day ethics case studies programmed. 

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