How do I tackle ethics case studies for the UPSC CSE?


Ethics Integrity and Aptitude is also known as UPSC CSE GS Paper 4. It is a very popular subject among students, but students face problems in answering these questions, especially in the study.

Why do you think ethics is so important that it is presented as the first book?

Until recently, ethics was not included. In the UPSC exam syllabus. However, in 2014, ethics was introduced as one of the books of the GS and held 250 points. But at first, it was believe that the law was correct, however, this Weberian opinion has become obsolete. Discussions have increased after frauds like the Watergate scandal, the 2G scam, etc. Which is against the code of conduct of public servants. Therefore, to test the morals of civil servants, UPSC has introduced ethics as a major subject.

The code of ethics says that

The subject will include questions to test the candidate’s attitude and approach. To issues related to integrity, probity, and public life, as well as his problem-solving approach to various problems and conflicts he faces. – face and interact with society.

Questions can use case studies to identify these areas So, this paper will test the aspirants –

  • The nature of issues of integrity, probability, and public life.
  • Approaching issues related to integrity, probity, and public life.
  • A problem-solving approach to the various problems and conflicts he faces in his interactions with society. So, ethics is an important topic.

Why is ethics important in breaking social responsibility?

Ethics is an interesting subject to study. It examines the wrongness and rightness of human behavior. Human behavior is nothing but our daily activities. Along with this code of conduct, does the article give aspirants. An understanding of the role of civil servants and what they are expected to do? When this document was release, the candidates did not know what the civil servant position require.

Let us see its importance as a subject –

  • The ethics test is rated higher than other general studies tests – many candidates feel that instead of spending time. On simple tests like ethics, they should spend more time on the hard concepts of the general studies test 1, 2, and 3. But IAS aspirants must remember that all 4 subjects are 250 points and the subject is the highest of all 4 because it has a clear plan and can do more. Civil service aspirants should remember that it is ethics paper, research paper, and elective paper that can get them points apart from other GS papers (I, II, and III).
  • Case studies form the heart of ethics books – Case studies are an excellent way to test a candidate’s decision-making ability and approach through reasoning in a problem situation. This is why when the study is done; UPSC will always seek your advice. As a representative should in the same situation. The answer must be based on virtue and morality. What you did, as stated in your answer, must be right for you and good for others.
  • Ethics paper is a good test of the administrative ability of the examiner – The unique aspect of this paper is that ethics or values ​​may be different for different people and it is the best opportunity for IAS aspirants to prove their authority. Here, candidates can set the tone with the examiner by providing unique solutions to everyday problems, as shown in the study.
  • Ethics paper as supplementary paper – Ethics paper is gaining popularity among IAS aspirants due to its short and precise syllabus and ease of study material. IAS Toppers often say that good marks in ethics papers can increase your rank and can also decide the job you can get. The only way to get good results. In this test is the practice writing because it becomes a skill for students. Special mentions and reviews of each issue in this article are the only two things that can make your answer stand out.
  • Ethical issues and current situation – The school of moral thought is a growing. Topic and there is still much to be explored in this area. Also, when reading about something new, students should be able to define the moral or the behavior of the word. If students can include current ethical arguments. In their responses, their chances of success are greatly increased. Some of the hot topics in the ethical debate are food and fuel, bioethics and biotechnology research, health and wellness standards for all, and problems of ethics and human rights issues.

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Modern society has seen a decline in ethics and accountability among public officials.

The negative effects of corruption are felt in all areas of administration and society. Therefore, the introduction of the Ethics Syllabus book came as an effort to bring back a new generation of leaders.

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