Even Microsoft mocks its Xbox Series X name


Microsoft has been the subject of many memes about its Xbox naming decisions in recent years. Xbox Series X follows Xbox One X and Xbox Series S is the successor to Xbox One S, and before that was Xbox One. This led to the internet making memes out of one Xbox One X box and a series of Xbox Series X boxes. After many Xbox box themes, Microsoft has now begun to openly ridicule its Xbox naming decisions.

In the video on Instagram, Microsoft has made its own Xbox box theme, which includes an Xbox Series X, an Xbox Series X box, an ex-boxed Xbox Series X next to the box, an ex-boxed Xbox Series X next to its boxes, and a series ex-boxed next to Xbox Series X boxes in an X-shape.

Now that Microsoft has approved the meme, according to official Internet rules, it is no longer cool. Microsoft has officially killed the Xbox box meme, even though it says, “We’ll continue until someone tells us to stop.” Maybe it was Microsoft’s big plan because the Xbox maker also killed the meme of the Xbox fridge to embrace it early.

In fact, the Xbox team has often used memes since the Xbox Series X was released in late 2019. Even the Xbox Series S leak last year got an Xbox Twitter account answer with a meme, before the console was officially detailed an hour later.

Microsoft too won Skittles in a Twitter poll and decided to make the mini Xbox Series X refrigerators. There will be mini fridges available this Christmas, in the case (or in a box if you prefer) of a reality-changing meme.

Xbox box meme.
Photo: A person with a lot of Xbox boxes

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