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Wait for iOS users Battlegrounds Mobile India the release is over, as Krafton has finally hinted at releasing the iOS version of the game in one of its releases on social media. “We thought you forgot about it earlier. We just wanted to tell you stay tuned for more!”, The South Korean giant said Instagram handle.


Battlegrounds Mobile India

Krafton can host the Battle of Streamer BGMI iOS release, Indoor sports reports. This inviting streaming battle is for iOS devices only. Battlegrounds Mobile India is due to be released for iOS in late August (August 20).

The Android version of the game was released last month. It made a huge crowd of fans and made a record over 30 million downloads on Google Play Storewithin one week of publication. When 50 million downloads are reached, Krafton announced a new event called Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 for the BGMI players and offered them a prize.

BGMI iOS users have been in beta testing for a while, just like the Android version. In the Frequently Asked Questions section BGMI updated to keep fans informed of iOS version development. Krafton also mentioned that all information about the game’s iOS updates will be posted on the official website and their social media platforms.


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