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Asus India has released Chromebooks for purchase on Flipkart on July 22nd. The kit includes the Chromebook Flip C214 and Chromebook C223, C423 and C523. The starting price in the area is Rs 17999, while low-cost laptops have a maximum price of Rs 24999. Touch and non-contact variations are available in the Chromebooks series.

Asus Chromebooks feature Intel dual-core 64-bit processors and 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Chromebooks with 10-11 hours of battery life allow users to perform many tasks and be more productive.

Asus C214

Asus C214

The Asus Chromebook Flip C214 has a convertible and a military-grade endurance certificate. It has 64GB of internal storage. Using a microSD card, the storage space can be increased to 2 TB. It is powered by an Intel 64-bit dual-core processor and has a battery life of 11 hours when the C214 is equipped with a 50 Wh battery. It has a live touch screen, HD 720p camera and stereo speakers. The price of a laptop is Rs 23999.

The Asus Chromebook C223, C423, C523 have similar features to 10 hours of battery life and 4GB of LPDDR4-RAM. They have an Intel 64-bit dual-core processor and up to 2 TB of expandable memory. Although the C223 has 32GB of storage, the C423 and C523 are available with 64GB of storage. Both the C423 and C523 also have touch screen options as well as a 180 degree feature that allows them to be set evenly.

Asus Chromebook C223 is available at prices from 17999 Rs. The C423’s non-touch and touch options are priced at Rs 19999 and Rs 23999, respectively, the non-touch variant of the Chromebook C523 is available at Rs 20999 and the touch variant is priced at Rs 24999.


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