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Dating application Bumble has released the ‘I have been vaccinated’ label in India. This feature allows women’s first dating platform to allow their users to share their vaccination status in the app. Potential connections will see a sign indicating whether the person has been vaccinated or not.

Priti Joshi, Vice President of Global Strategy and Operations, said of the latest developments that four out of five unmarried Indians are excited and hopeful for 2021. However, given the COVID-19 pandemic, Bumble has also found that a third are concerned about their safety.

“I’m vaccinated” Bumble lot

Joshi said as many as 38 percent of singles studied in India said they would not have sex or go on a date with someone who has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

VP hopes with it Bumblebees ‘I’m vaccinated’ sign, users can easily communicate with each other.

The company has also found that after vaccination was opened to people over the age of 18 in India, its users began to include words like “vaccine” or “vaccinated”. Bumble profiles.

Previously, Bumble had introduced several features in the application to connect securely during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The app also has a COVID Preferences Center where users can enter their dating preferences. Users can find the center by tapping the profile icon in the app.

When two profiles match in Bumble, they can see the dating settings. This helps users discuss shared interests. They could then discuss their expectations about masks and social distance, the dates they want, and the precautions they want to keep the date in the middle of a pandemic.


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