Exclusive: Dizo launches 16 other products in 2021, with the goal of becoming a TWS brand in two years



While several smartphone manufacturers have already launched many TWS products in India, the new brands are still advancing in the same segment. Similarly, Dizo, a Realme partner brand, has recently launched TWS and wireless headphones.

Unique: Dizo will launch 16 other products in 2021

However, you will be surprised when you know that the company has huge plans for the Indian market. In the meantime, we had the opportunity to interact exclusively with Dizon CEO Abhilash Panda on the company’s upcoming products and compete with other phone players.

Dizo Upcoming Products

It is important to note that the company has launched four products and plans to add new products by the end of this year. “We plan to launch 16 more products in the smart home, accessories, smart care and smart entertainment segment,” Panda said.

He only informed Gizbot that the company wants to be number one TWS brand over the next two years. He added that the company will focus on the smart entertainment segment and plans to launch more audio products in 2021.

Illuminating the launch of the smartphone in the country, he said the opportunity exists, but we are focusing on bringing more AIoT products where we are seeing a lot of growth. This clearly shows that the company currently wants to stay in four categories (smart home, accessories, smart care and smart entertainment segment).

Dizo sees competition with other favorite phones

Despite the fact that Lava and JioPhone are really good in India, Dizo has also launched two feature phones. i.e. Dizo Star 300 and Dizo Star 500. The prices of the feature phones are Rs. 1, 299 and Rs. 1,799.

“Right now, we don’t focus on competition because we want to understand the needs of consumers first,” the company’s top executive replied after asking about competition with leading feature phones.

He added that today consumers are looking for different choices in the same price range, so we try to offer them different technologies. In addition, Panda announced that the company is assembling its specialty phones in India and as Dizo grows, it will start looking for more localization opportunities.

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The story was first published: on Friday, July 30, 2021, at 17.50 [IST]

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