Expansion of well-being coming to Endzone

Assemble Entertainment and developer Gentlymad Studios have announced that they will bring a stunning new extension to their post-apocalyptic city builder, Endzone – In addition to the world, this fall. Title, Prosperity, this extension brings with it a host of new features, updates, and more. The new teaser trailer and screenshots are shown below …


Endzone – In addition to the world sees the survivors of the nuclear apocalypse finally leaving their shelter in a hostile world on earth. Radiation still needs to be fought, as well as toxic rains, roaming and violent sandstorms to survive, but thanks to the spirit of the inexhaustible man, things are looking Prosperity enlargement. Survivors will soon be able to get new materials, try new challenges, build new buildings and improve the living conditions of all.


Endzone-A-World-Apart3-600x338 Endzone-A-World-Apart4-600x338

Prosperity features:

  • Once the bare essentials are filled, the family can begin to focus on some luxuries such as beer, cake, coffee and soap.
  • New sand, concrete, metal and cement building materials help buildings cope with the elements.
  • New buildings and production facilities such as sand cottages, aquaculture facilities and concrete plants.
  • Three new scenarios that will test the next generation of survivors.

Precautionary Prosperity the extension will arrive this fall. Assemble Entertainment has also teamed up with the charity One Tree Planted to plant a new tree with every Save the World Edition package purchase. If you’re planning to buy the game, buy this edition to make our planet greener and you’ll also get a copy of the game’s soundtrack.

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