Exploring Adelaide on Wheels: Parking Tips for Tourists and Visitors


Struggling to find a parking space in shopping malls in Adelaide? Adelaide is more than a big city; it’s the 5th most populous city in the country. So finding affordable parking here can be difficult.

You can avail short-term and long-term parking options in car parks, shopping malls and on-street parking spaces in Adelaide. Simply follow these handy tips and tricks to find the right spot for your car at affordable prices.

Parking Tips to Follow for Tourists and Visitors

While you are in Adelaide, you do not need to keep driving around the city to park your car at low prices. Here are some of the parking tips that will be helpful for tourists and visitors.

  • Research the Peak Time

Research and find out the busiest times in the area you are planning to visit. It is always convenient for tourists and travellers to reach their destination in an hour or so to find the most suitable and affordable parking spot. A simple Google search can help with this. However, this information is subject to change based on holidays, local events and other factors.

  • Reserve a Spot

Finding spaces for parking in Adelaide around shopping malls is challenging, especially on weekends. Thus, it is recommendable to book a parking spot ahead of time. This will help the tourists and visitors ensure that parking space is available for them. Alternatively, they can search for a shopping mall like the Myer Centre in Adelaide that has its own car parking space.

  • Look for Signs

Tourists must go through parking signs in their surrounding area. This will prevent them from violating any parking rules. Keep a note on the nearby sign and check if the area allows for any parking or not. There can be signs hidden as well behind bushes or trees. 

  • Curb Colours

Cities like Adelaide use different colours to indicate different parking regulations. For example, a red curb indicates no parking of vehicles is allowed for tourists and visitors. There are other colours such as green, blue, white, and yellow which have different meanings for parking. If you fail to abide by these rules, it will result in a violation and fines.

When you decide to visit shopping malls in Adelaide, find one that offers smart parking options. This enables you to book your parking slots in advance. You can also remain stress-free and worry less about parking fees. Not only this, you do not have to hurry for the parking in malls, with the fear that no parking spaces are left.

For tourists and visitors struggling to book parking spots in Adelaide, the city council provides the Park Adelaide app. It helps visitors locate vacant parking spaces and find out if they can make their payment through mobile at the parking spot. Finally, the app sends a reminder via mobile notification 15 minutes before the expiry time.

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