Facebook is placing ads on Instagram reels, which are now available worldwide


Facebook reels get worldwide ads

Beware, TikTok, Facebook have just introduced ads in Instagram reels short videos worldwide, YahooFinance reports. Ads can be up to 30 seconds long, which is twice as long as a regular “reel” video, and tell you between the individual videos the user is watching. Initially, ad operations were softly tested in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia earlier this year, showcasing ads from BMW, Louis Vuitton, Uber and Netflix.

“We think reels are a great way to find new content on Instagram, so the ads fit naturally,” Instagram CEO Justin Osofsky said Thursday. “Brands of all sizes can take advantage of this new creative form in an environment where people are already entertained.”

As a reminder, the reels are on Instagram and an extension – Facebook’s way to make money on its raw clone of the core function behind TikTok. The reels were launched in August 2020 in response to TikTok’s wild popularity, allowing users to create 15-second multiplayer videos with sound, effects and new creative tools.

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