Facebook launches Covid-19 vaccine search tool in India


WhatsApp had joined the Indian government with a chat bot to help people find vaccination centers in their vicinity in India. Now its parent company, Facebook, has once again, in collaboration with the Government of India, launched a vaccine search tool in its mobile app in India. It basically helps people identify nearby places to be vaccinated.

It is available in 17 languages.

Facebook provides a huge amount of information about Covid-19

Facebook message in Indian languages ​​at vaccination centers

Facebook message in Indian languages ​​at vaccination centers (Image credit: Facebook)

“In this tool, the locations of the vaccination centers and their opening hours have been provided by the Ministry of Health and Family Care of the Government of India. The tool also shows entrance options (for those aged 46 and over) and a link for registration. CoWin website and schedule your vaccination appointments. You can use the tool in the Covid-19 data center, “Facebook said India page.


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