Facebook will pay $ 1 billion to creators by 2022

Facebook is going to pay A billion dollars for creators over the next year and a half as part of efforts to condemn content providers to its many services. The money is given to content producers who use Facebook products in different ways: on Facebook, content producers can get a cash bonus for showing ads on their videos or reaching certain crashed milestones during streaming. On Instagram, creators can get paid to allow ads on their IGTV videos, access streams, or create popular videos for Kela.

For the time being, the money is only available to creators on an invitation basis, and new options will be earned later. Facebook announced it will expand availability to more agents later this year, launching a “special place for bonuses on the Instagram app this summer and as a Facebook app this fall”. The initiative is set to make Facebook “the best platforms for millions of people to make a living,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote today. The money will be paid by the end of 2022.

Facebook is showing “Stars Challenge,” which offers a cash bonus for receiving paid virtual tips during streaming.
Photo: Facebook

It’s an aggressive move from Facebook for years with other companies building more convincing places content providers build a platform and a company. Recently, TikTok and Snapchat, like apps, have been offering to pay authors a direct fee for uploading successful videos to their platform. Snapchat paid $ 1 million a day for a period of time to support its TikTok rival, Spotlight. Facebook already offers some ways for creators to make money, but the options vary by service. Some features, such as Reels, may not cost agents at all.

Facebook’s approach is more confusing than other companies, and money is developed as a “bonus” to accomplish different functions and goals instead of focusing on one product. But the intention seems to be to invest cash in the juice of many different services of the company at once, which will help them stand out as the apps start to see new competition from companies like TikTok and Klubitalo. Last month, Facebook announced that it would not make a cut from factors that make money with many of its services, only in 2023, in another attempt to make the network more attractive.

The company seems to be serious about turning content producers into a new source of revenue. With advertising problems elsewhere on the platform, direct dumps and payments can provide a backup to a company if they grow large enough – although there is still a long way to go.

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