Facebook’s payment system will extend to online stores in August


Online shoppers will eventually see another option next to regular payment methods, now Facebook Pay is expanding beyond the company’s own platforms. Shortly after credit card companies withdrew from their Libra encryption currency project, Facebook launched its payment system for use on the main site as well as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook Pay is coming to online stores.
Photo: Facebook

Now, just like Cards stored by Google, PayPal integrations, Amazon Payand others, Facebook Pay opens itself up for use with dealers involved in transactions. Shopify merchants are in the first stages adding the system to their sites, and others will follow it after it launched in August. Interested traders can register here.

Of course, this is not only an easier way to pay merchants for cards that customers have already saved on their Facebook profiles, it’s also a way to get even more information on Facebook. The message indicates on this privacy page Facebook Paylle, which clearly states:

How does this affect data collection?

As with previous app payment options, when you make payments with Facebook Pay, we collect information about your purchase, such as payment method, transaction date, billing, delivery, and contact information. We designed Facebook Pay to store and encrypt your card and bank account numbers securely.

How does this affect the ads you see?

As with our other products, the features you do on Facebook Pay can be used, for example, to provide you with more relevant content and ads, to provide customer support, and to promote security and integrity (for example, to investigate violations of our payment policies). . For example, if you buy a baseball glove from a Facebook Marketplace, you might see an ad for a baseball bat.

The card and bank account numbers you provide will not be used to personalize your experience or indicate the ads you see.

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